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Emmy nominated
Executive producing
Artistic direction
Sound design&audio
Immersive storytelling 

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Exploring new imaginative territories with current and emergent technologies

Our multi-platform approach means we work within Film and TV, spatial computing, virtual reality, and the music industry. We bring a unique approach to producing and creativity combined.

AW Collection

Spatial Computing

Guided by David Attenborough, select a scientifically accurate fossil from the museum and watch it come back to life in your own room, available now on Apple Vision Pro. Explore the creature's world and discover fascinating facts about their habitats, food chains and how they met their fate. Spatial computing produced for Atlantic Productions. 

Virtual Reality

David Attenborough Galapagos


Conquest of the Skies

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Kingdom of Plants

Emmy Nominated 2022 David Attenborough's Kingdom of Plants was an Alchemy Immersive and Meta Quest production that unearths the the secrets of plant life. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough this VR experience is available on Oculus Quest.Produced using customised 3D stereoscopic cameras, specially developed stereo-timelapse rigs, and innovative VFX compositing techniques. At 8K, details of flowers, plants, and insects invisible to the human eye are revealed. Breath-taking spatial sound design infuses the perils of the plant world with life.  

QXR Studios

QXR Studios is a game studio with narrative at the heart of what it produces. This highly-skilled, international team is creating content that utilises a fresh, new cross-medium platform to introduce audiences to fantastic worlds. LD Presents is executive producing and leading on project development for the company. The core team have designed and produced award-winning and best-selling products across the entertainment industry… like Halo Wars, Quake 3 Arena, and Guardians of the Galaxy, and have worked at the forefront of cutting edge technology.


We explore new imaginative territories with current and emergent technologies. Our multi-platform approach means we work within Film and TV, virtual and mixed reality, web 3 and the music industry to bring a unique approach entertainment.

We help clients build teams, experiences and products that utilise emerging technologies

Project Strategy and Pitching

Extensive direct-to-client project developments and relationships that expand business opportunities

Creative visioning

Building artist and talent development to support client pitches, and connecting artists and technical innovation to specific projects

Producing and client relationship management

Maintain client relationships throughout projects, including  production producing contracting, budget management and the day to day project management

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Meet the Team

Emmy Nominated and Member of the Television Academy USA, and Digital fellow to the Royal Shakespeare Company, Lou is an award-winning executive with a track record of building excellent partnerships. Working with creative agencies, technology companies and investors she helps launch innovative cutting edge immersive technology storytelling content.

Founding and maintaining collaborative partnerships Lou builds infrastructures to guide technologists, creatives and business thinkers to make ground breaking work that uses narrative to communicate the core ethos of a idea. Pitching concepts through to delivery Lou has driven large-scale events and produced for QXR Studios, Atlantic Productions, META Quest , Apple Vision Pro,  Doye Mosse Productions, Magic Leap, Royal Shakespeare Company, BMW, Kenwood & Delonghi and Rolls Royce. As digital fellow for Magic Leap and the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2020, Lou initiated relationships between creative technologists and artists helping build future pipelines of production between live performance and future technologies. Trained at London Contemporary Dance School, she has also been an artistic director of a midscale UK NPO Arts Council funded theatre.  

Lou Doye 

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Member- Academy of Television and Arts Science

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Si Gray

Exploring sound and the versatile range of contexts in which sound exists, and investigating the concept of how sound design and music can become a mechanism of aesthetic transport is vital in creating the right sound design and feel for your project. 

Across many platforms ‘sound’ is crucially important in bringing the content, vision and the story to life.   

Si’s primary goal is to offer high-quality sound design and production services within the Immersive Technologies and Music Industry. From mobile device apps to artist’s labels from the independent music community through to major label projects. Collaborative and fluid communication is key in creating an open platform where all client feedback is welcomed and as many revisions as required are discussed.


Composition, Creative Direction, Sound Design, Sound Engineering (Studio & Live environments) Mastering.

People and Planet

People - LD Presents commits to equal opportunities for all. Diversity is at the heart of brilliant creativity. Action to make change for diverse teams is at the core of all projects.

Planet - LD Presents believes in thinking long term to protect nature for future generations. Our research and innovation promotes remote working and encourages creatives to use technology where ever possible to promote carbon neutral lifestyles.

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